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 I’m Mrs. Rebecca Carter owner of Rebecca’s Charcuterie Board LLC. I like to introuduce myself as a Nuyorican, that’s a Puerto Rican born and raised in NYC specifically the BRONX. I relocated to Wilmington, NC in 2006 and appreciate the peace and tranquility of Southern Living. I am happily married to Derrick Carter and mother to 3 beautiful children Kiara, Azalea, & Darius. I enjoy spending quality time with my family and that is why I have decided to pursue Rebecca’s Charcuterie Board full-time. I am passionate about my business and love how captivating it makes me when I am customizing based on my interaction with my customers. My hope is that everyone that tastes Rebecca’s Charcuterie Board has an experience and enjoys it as much as I did creating it. 

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